Whether you’re a college student, an aspired and skilled youth or a company in search for a right candidate, attending a professional job fair is a perfect idea. These networking events mark your presence in the market, be in the form of a job seeking candidate or an employer who has an eye on the talent available in the market. As an employer, if you are worried about acquiring the right people; or as a candidate, you don’t know how to seek the prospective employers, the first thing that should come to your mind should be attending a job fair.

What’s a Job Fair?

A job fair is also known as a career fair. It is an event that provides opportunities for job seekers to meet with different employers under one roof. The candidates who attend job fairs get a chance to chat with the recruiters from participating companies and learn about the job openings and career opportunities that the companies have. In short, it is a great platform for the interviewee and interviewer to have a one on one interaction.

In times of technology where Social Media and the internet users are on all-time high, does it still make sense for an organisation to participate in a Job Fair? Yes, indeed! Because this platform brings the companies and the job seekers face to face without having to fix any appointments. It also allows both the parties to make effective use of time by meeting a large number of people and companies at the same place and in a short period of time. Job Fairs not only play an important part in a company’s long-term recruitment strategy but also increase brand awareness of the organisation.

How Does a Job Fair Benefit Companies?

Small businesses face a big challenge in attracting skilled workers who can help them to achieve their business goals. And, at times it is very difficult for companies to attract applications from qualified candidates. Job fairs become a common recruitment channel that offers several potential benefits to the companies that attend them. Have listed a few of them:

A pool of qualified candidates

One of the many benefits of participating in job fairs is that companies get access to a large number of qualified candidates. And at times end up recruiting a few too. Job fairs not only increase the number of resumes and applications that companies receive but also create a pool of potential candidates for employers.

Save money and time

You need not spend money on advertising! This helps the companies to attract candidates on their own and the efforts and funds for posting the vacancies on company boards or websites, and through other forms of advertisement can be avoided.

Face to Face meeting

Another benefit of recruiting through job fairs is that both candidates and organisations can skip the telephonic round and directly conduct the face to face interview with the shortlisted candidates. The companies save a lot of time and when you have a human face on resumes it’s easy.

What role does a Job Fair play in Skilling India?

Mosaic acts as the bridge between the employers and employees as we are committed to providing job assistance to our trained candidates. By organising various job fairs we ensure and strive to get employment for the maximum number of youth who have been trained under the umbrella of PMKVY. Time and again these job fairs have proved worth for our candidates and the organisations who wholeheartedly take part in them.

Hence, Job Fair are rightly termed as Career Fair as it shapes career for job seekers and give the companies an opportunity to hire and shape the career of the employees forming relationships that may result in long-term employment for the future.