‘Youth’ are the pillars. They are the ones who lead to a bright future and growth of a country. The success of a nation is fairly dependent on the success of its youth and the Skill India mission is a step towards the over-all skill development of the country along with the evolution of its youth. Skill India Mission, which was launched on July 15, 2015 is a vision of our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi with a core value of empowering the youth of our country with skill sets, that make them employable and productive in the field they choose to be in.

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has taken the lead and has introduced numerous initiatives which are going in an expansive way to reach out to the rural areas. Most of these areas which have been ignored over a period of time because of the inaccessibility or due to their remote location are now being looked at.

What is “Skill on Wheels”?

“Skill on Wheels” is a remarkable thought and achievement of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship as, the main aim of this project is to create awareness of skilling among youth belonging to remote or rural areas. This innovative concept is specifically made to advocate Skill India initiatives and takes up a task to educate the rural youth and make them aware about the career opportunities which they can build for themselves by getting trained under the Skill India Mission.

Mosaic Workskills is the training partner for the Skill India Mission and has also taken a lead in this concept and the same has been marked by Innovations. We have implemented innovative techniques to solve tricky situations, be it Logistics, Accessibility issues or Methods of training. For instance, Mosaic has set up Mobile Skilling Containers which are conveniently used for setting up new centres every time the training locations changed.

What are Mobile Skilling Containers?

The objective of this initiative is to train people of various villages adopted by Commissionerate of Rural Development, GoG under Kushal Gram Initiative of proposed districts in the state of Gujarat and align them with livelihood, thus generating income and creation of 100 skilled villages in villages which are not so easily connected by road, have poor infrastructure and lack skill development penetration. The outcome of this initiative was:

  • Designed fully equipped cargo containers as centres with state-of-the-art training facilities equipped with
  • Residential arrangement for trainers
  • Fully mobile centres which can be transported to other locations on saturation of current demand
  • The containers are modular and custom fitted with equipment (trade wise) having low upkeep and maintenance

Various activities that take place under the Skill on Wheels initiative are:

Skillathon: It is a platform created to spread skill awareness among the potential candidates which include dropouts, graduates and post-graduates.

TECHATHON: A concept focussed on computer science enthusiasts, programmers,young entrepreneurs and other people from all over India.

TEACHATHON: A concept targeting teachers who aim to bring innovation in the teaching field by combining technology and knowledge.

3I-SUMMIT (Industry/Institute/Investor): Investors can promote entrepreneurship and act as a edium for the youth to get into the mode of entrepreneurship under the PPP (Private Public Partnership) Model..

IDEAPRENEUR: Ideapreneur is an entrepreneurship development program, giving a stage to the young creative minds to generate new ideas and explore the possibilities to create a new India.

RISE – (Rural Inclusivity to Strengthen Employment): A unique idea to bring in job opportunities for rural youth.

The concept of ‘Skill on Wheels’ has been launched in the state of Karnataka and has covered 30 District and 129 Talukas, reaching 2.57 lac students and job seekers. This concept soon is going to be replicated in 10 more states and at a later stage across the nation targeting to reach one million youth in India.