We have already stepped into a modern world! Haven’t we? The excessive exposure to the use of gadgets and increasing knowledge because of that makes us more sensitive today. We are always worried about our image in society and on social media. And, when we are concerned, it is bound to create sensitivity around the way we behave and communicate in the larger groups, our office, in our neighbourhood, or on social media. And as we are humans, we get impacted by what others do and how they react.

First of all, let us understand what does Social Dynamics mean? We can say that it is the behaviour of a person that is a result of his/her various interactions with individuals, group members, neighbours, other interactions on social media, etc. Social dynamics focus on individual behaviour and its impact on individuals. In other words, social dynamics is a process in which people evolve to become more intelligent and responsible, leading to having a healthy social life without the impact of egoism or grudges.

Now, how do you or how can you influence Social Dynamics, or how does your communication skill influence people or society around you?

Each one of has different skills, but one needs to develop different skills which can influence people around them, and one of utmost importance skill that is the influencer is the Communication Skills. Someone has truly said that if you want to be a good communicator, learn how to be a good listener. One with better listening ability master’s communication skills. Listening is as important as speaking and is the key to developing good communication skills. Coming back to communication skills which are the sole medium through which people share their ideas, feelings, knowledge, and thoughts with others. If you have effective communication skills, you will be able to present yourself and your knowledge with everyone confidently. Communication can be verbal, visual, or written. To ensure that you maintain the social dynamics of the society, as an individual, you need to be a good communicator. Here ‘s what you can do to improve your communication which can create a positive impact on Social Dynamics around you:

  1. Always know what type of communication you are doing and where. Is it a written, oral, social, etc.? Is it happening between two people or a larger group?
  2. Be confident and have the courage to speak what you think. But that does not mean that you speak without thinking. Always take some time to think and then react to a situation that might be as small as a casual conversation with people in a group.
  3. If you are getting prepared to speak in public or make a presentation, do the practice. It is very well said that “Practice makes the man perfect.” In case you are speaking for the first time, remember that new skills take time to shape up, but every time you use your communication skills, you prepare yourself for opportunities and future consoles.
  4. When you are speaking or communicating, make sure that you have eye contact with others, and you use gestures to express yourself. Gestures are a great way to communicate a positive body language, make optimal use of them.
  5. To create an impact on what you want to present, have the right attitude and behaviour in your communication. When the qualities as honesty, peace, culture, optimism, etc. reflect in your talk, it definitely elevates you and your communication.
  6. User right words and learn to speak words that are simple and not confuse people. Do not hesitate to bring a change in your communication style on the basis of past experiences so that others do not have to say to repeat the thing.

To wrap up, your behaviour, attitude, and the way you communicate affect Social Dynamics when you are in public or a group or in interaction with people at a large gathering or your workplace or anywhere. Social dynamics bring together the ideas from people who basically would want to influence the changes or put forward their points of discussion, so remember communication is the act of conveying your thoughts to others through the use of mutually understood signs which will influence their behaviour. Hence. it is always good to be wise than to be smart!