As an individual how many times have you thought about improvising the work which you are currently doing in a better way? The answer to it would be, I never get time to think about it. I am too busy with my routine job. So, now let us look at another perspective of it. Imagine you have been doing a job for last two years with the same method, same speed and the same equipments. A new comer joins your company, starts to work along with you and performs better with a more organized approach, better speed and he also has knowledge of the recent technological developments in your work field which he uses to impress the manager. It is time to Learn, Gain and Improve your skills at this point of time in your career.

Today, most of the employers are looking for people who are skilled in one or more types of jobs, people who can multi task. It is up to you to discover the types of employability and occupational skills employers are looking for and pick the one that suits you.

Once you have shortlisted, what you want to do, now think about the skills you have gained from your other experiences and how you can add up or build new skills. Most of your skills can transfer to new opportunities, always remember that.

What is the reason you should get a Job Skill?

  • Employers see more positively towards you as an employee
  • Employers prefer applicants who are willing to learn new skills, hence always mention the same in resume and be a keen learner
  • You will be more confident during interviews
  • You will have strong resumes, cover letters, and job applications
  • It is one of the ways to expand and identify your Skills
  • Students gain skills from on the job learning which may include service learning opportunities and internships

Remember that anyone can:

  • Gain or improve skills when you aim to get enrolled for skill based training
  • Always look forward for government or state-approved programs which help you to gain skills and earn a salary
  • Ensure that you attend basic computer training and job skill classes
  • Keep reviewing your occupational skills and employability skills as when you review you find more ways to expand your skills
  • It is very important for you to continually assess your skills, at all phases of your career

Hope this helps you to get a first hand on assessing yourself in terms of where you are right now and where you want to go.

Keep yourself Skilled!!!